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About Me
Matthias Miemczyk

I cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms and campaigns to create experiences.

Two decades of experience waiting to be put to use

What I do

I am a content creator who shoots, lights, edits and color grades. I have done commercial work for several brands and TV stations in the past 20 years.

Why you should work with me?

I love what I do and put all my blood, sweat and tears in every project I get my hands on to satisfy my clients and to be proud of the result. I don’t want to leave my customers with a good product, but with an solution for them to get to the next level.

Our Services

Whatever the field or platform, I can create it.

Concept & Pre-Production
From the creative idea to the film, you have to consider many steps and plan the available budget wisely. Planning and organization are the key to a successful shoot. And you always have to have a plan B in your pocket.
From 20 years of experience I know that it is not the most expensive gear. You have to know when to use which camera, which lens, which light and which angle or movement for a situation or mood.
The edit is in the director’s eye during the shoot, so the process in the edit is planned in advance. But in the edit, a rhythm is created that hides the cut.
Color Grading
Colors express emotions, and these emotions are expressed in color grading. Warmth, coolness, joy, sadness are defined by a certain color and these are included in the final look.
Sound Design
70% of the cinematic impression is created on the sound level. Therefore, it is one of the most important stages in film production. A clear and clean sound, accompanied by music in a balanced mix, intoxicates the auditory sense.

A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.

Orson Welles

Satifsfied Clients

I develop gorgeous, memorable projects for my customers.